3 Signs You Need To Hire An Immigration Attorney

Living in the United States offers many benefits, so it is easy to see why so many immigrants have a desire to come to the country. Unfortunately, coming into the country illegally can lead to serious issues for you and your family. Without the right planning and knowledge, your desire to live a better life can cause you financial distress and legal ramifications that can follow you throughout life. In addition, deportation is common for many who come to the United States illegally. Thankfully, help is available. Here are a few reasons you may require the services of a professional immigration attorney.

Your Visa Has Expired

There are many different types of visas, including visas for students, immigrant workers, and visitors entering the country for business. Paying attention to every detail and term of your visa is important, but ensuring you understand the expiration date of your visa is imperative.

Overstaying your visa term is one of the most common violations, especially with students who want to continue living in the United States. In many instances, students will not even realize their visa has expired, so it is important to read the terms carefully and check the I-94 card, which details your period of authorized stay.

If you have extended your stay, your best option is to go back to your country of citizenship. Once your visa expires, you are not able to apply for a new visa while in the United States. Therefore, you will need to return to your home to begin the visa application process again.

It is important to note that certain conditions will apply if you want to remain in the United States even after your visa has expired. If you have married a US citizen, you may be eligible to apply for an adjustment in your immigration status. Be sure to consult an immigration attorney to begin this process.

You Lied on Your Visa Application

Many people are under the assumption that little white lies are acceptable when applying for a visa or citizenship status. Unfortunately, these small white lies can turn into seriously big problems for you and your family.

Applying for a tourist visa with the hopes of remaining in the United States indefinitely is actually considered fraud. Tourist visas are only issued to individuals who plan on staying in the United States temporarily. If you apply and receive a tourist visa and then reapply to adjust your status within a short period of entering the country, immigration will consider this a form of fraud.

Once you are accused of fraud, you will go through a long legal process that can be confusing and overwhelming. If you are in the United States with a tourist visa and want to adjust your status or you have already been accused of fraud, schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney today.

You Have Committed a Crime

Last, but definitely not least, professionals should be contacted if you have committed a crime while in the United States on a visa. Crimes of Moral Turpitude are the most obvious crimes that will lead to your loss of your visa and deportation. These crimes include murder, rape, arson, fraud, and assault. However, most people are surprised to learn that even minor, misdemeanor crimes may also lead to the revocation of your visa and a possible deportation.

If you have been charged with a DUI, for instance, other factors will be taken into account before deciding if deportation is necessary. For instance, if you were charged after causing an accident that has caused injury, death, or property damage, you will be at a greater risk of losing your right to be in the United States.

Understanding the visa process and following all guidelines and laws is key to a successful stay in the United States. To learn more, contact an immigration attorney at a law firm like The Ortiz Law Firm.